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Kuroi Hazama "Black Jack" ([ profile] lifes_expensive) — Pinoko hasn't quite realized that the Gardens are for females only and as this particular Black Jack was born female, Pinoko simply thinks she's a relative (a twin, maybe?) or some strange alternate universe version of her beloved Doc, but not one and the same!

So, Pinoko calls her "Lady Doc," because... well, she's female and looks like Pinoko's Doc!

Of course, Pinoko's still prone to jealousy, occasionally to the point of forgetting this isn't her Black Jack...

And, of course, she assists and hen-pecks this doctor as she would the male Black Jack.

Kohaku ([ profile] maiderer) — although she's one of the first people Pinoko met upon arrival, she really doesn't know much about the girl, except that she's also helping out at the clinic. Sometimes the unfortunate target of Pinoko's fits of misdirecteed jealousy.

Kanako ([ profile] nosebleedqueen) — Pinoko has no idea what's causing Kanako's nosebleeds. She's worried she'll have a hernia and thinks she needs to have a check-up!

Also, Kanako is anemic. That's the extent of Pinoko's knowledge. ^^;

Santana Lopez ([ profile] heretolookhot) — toxic. Pinoko can't stand Santana's attitude. She tried her best to be friendly and make amends after insulting Santana in a fit of anger (because she was mistaken for a child ^^;), but Santana calling her disgusting when Pinoko shared her origins, to explain why she looked the way she did, just reminded Pinoko of her estranged twin sister.

This left Pinoko feeling miserable for a while...

Zinc ([ profile] jemerite) — although they spoke only twice so far, Pinoko empathizes with Zinc, even though she doesn't know the details of her past situation. Both feel trapped by their dependent natures and Pinoko's unrequited love allows her to understand a little, in her own way, of the other woman's pain.

Their second conversation also manages to cheer Pinoko up after the Santana business.

... even if Pinoko still thinks that a virus that can reanimate the dead is a very scary concept that should belong only in horror movies!

Suruga Kanbaru ([ profile] doihavepanties) — Pinoko's first secret from Lady Doc patient in the Gardens! She liked Pinoko's cooking and

Raven ([ profile] variabledge) — Pinoko thinks she likes this "granny"! Pinoko thinks she's very lady-like. Pinoko calls her Raven-obachan or Auntie Raven.

Subaru Nakajima ([ profile] highest_caliber) — Pinoko really appreciates Subaru's dedication to being a great host at the inn, she really, really does! But she doesn't like the fact that she overworks herself.

Honestly, between her and Black Jack, Pinoko will have her hands full trying to get these workaholics to just take a break every now and then!

Never mind that Pinoko has a tendency to work herself to the point of exhaustion too.

If you'd like me to write a little blurb about Pinoko's relationship with your character (provided they've interacted and I haven't already written anything!), feel free to comment and ask! ^3^;


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