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2011-12-27 03:57 pm
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Relationships - Queen of Hearts

A work-in-progress! )

If you'd like me to write a little blurb about Pinoko's relationship with your character (provided they've interacted and I haven't already written anything!), feel free to comment and ask! ^3^;
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2010-09-27 09:39 pm
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Contact Information

Sadly, I couldn't think of a semi-clever title this time...

If you would like to discuss something with me (such as a plot idea), ask permission for something, or whatever else— you can contact me through private messaging on this journal or simply comment to this post.

If you'd rather contact me on messenger, just ask. ^^

Once more, all comments are screened for privacy. ♥
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2010-09-27 09:27 pm
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Patient Notes

A.K.A. How's My Driving?

Do you have a problem with the way I'm playing Pinoko? Do you like the way I play Pinoko?

If there's anything at all you want to discuss about my portrayal of Pinoko, this is the place to do it! All comments are screened and if you'd rather make your comments anonymously, you can do that too, so it's nice and private. ♥
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2010-09-09 12:00 am
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Pinoko - Patient File

Name: Pinoko [sometimes romanized as Pinoco, to resemble "Pinocchio" more]
Series: Osamu Tezuka's Black Jack
Age: technically twenty years old, but appears to be no older than seven.
Occupation: Black Jack's unlicensed assistant nurse and home maker.
Timeline: Anywhere mid-canon. The series is mostly episodic, so it doesn't matter too much.

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